picture of annie sweetnam

We all have the capacity to live fulfilling lives and to experience the kinds of love and work that bring us satisfaction. But you may feel held back by fears, depression, or hopelessness about being able to change. Or, you may feel stuck in your creative work, whether you are frustrated by an actual creative project or longing to live life in a more creative way.

As a psychotherapist, I offer a relationship of respect and sensitivity, where we can think together about how past losses, fears, and relational patterns may be holding you back from finding greater satisfaction in your life. For over 30 years, I have experienced firsthand the transformative power of therapy to bring profound and lasting changes to peoples' lives. It is possible for you to feel less stuck in the past and more deeply alive and fulfilled in your everyday life, work, and relationships.

Seeking the help of a therapist takes courage and it is important to find the person who feels right for you as an individual. Different kinds of therapies and therapists work for different people. Please look over my website to get a more detailed sense of how I work.

I welcome adults of all ages and couples into my practice. I offer individual therapy, couples therapy, and consultation and writing consultation for psychotherapists.

Please call (510) 531-5212 or email anniesweetnam@gmail.com to schedule a free phone consultation.